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Ever wished you could inspire and educate instead of dealing with harassment and antagonism just because you're vegan? I have! And that's what my designs are all about:

Giving a strong purpose to our outfits by speaking up for the animals in any circumstances... Without even talking! #besmartbevegan

The Purpose
For The Animals

The Vegan Prophets concept emerged when I came accros the fact that celebrities, philososophers, and scientists from the past advocated for animal rights and dignity (Leonardo Da Vinci, Pythagoras, Hippocrates, George B.Shaw and so on...). So it was obvious: "those guys were pioneers, some kind of prophets for the vegan cause". And why Prophets? Because a prophet's mission is to break the status quo. And that's exacly the impact these "vegan prophecies" are having nowadays.

Vegan Clothing Brand
Vegan Clothing Brand

We joined the F.A.K.E Movement, and got Vegan Founded certified, because we believe that garments should be ethical, respectful of your skin and the environment. And to make sure this happens, every detail matters: from the choice of material, to its softness and durability, from the comfort to the cut and assembly, from the colour to the style and printing process.

The Movement

As featured in: Berlin

Giving Back

Giving back to totally support the animal rights movement is the least we can do. So to give your shopping a purpose, 10% of profits will go to the french vegan association L214.