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I believe that wearing vegan messages is an underrated form of activism that gives each vegan a chance to inspire people everywhere we wear them.

That’s why I consider my designs to bring silent messages for loud outfits. 
So that the more of us consistently display impactful vegan messages, the more we inspire people to embrace the vegan lifestyle.



I joined the F.A.K.E Movement, and got Vegan Founded certified, because for me it is simply unavoidable that a garment should be ethical, respectful of your skin and the environment. And to make sure this happens, every detail matters: from the choice of material, to its softness and durability, from the comfort to the cut and assembly, from the colour to the style and printing process.

Vegan Clothing Brand
Vegan Clothing Brand
Giving Back

Giving back to totally support the animal rights cause is more than necessary, so in order to reinforce your action, 10% of profits will go to the french vegan association L214.


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