Can Vegans Build Muscle?

Can Vegans Build Muscle?


Strength training requires a good diet to have the strength and build muscle. Many wonders if it is possible to combine muscle gain and a vegan diet. Is the mode of nutrition prohibiting meat and all that comes from animal exploitation sufficient for bodybuilders? Are supplements necessary?

Many people believe that vegans have trouble gaining muscle or gaining mass because they lack protein. Besides the difficulty of building muscle, some even consider the practice of veganism as a source of deficiency in a balanced diet. But as we know by now, vegan meals allow the body to benefit from foods rich in protein.

We simply find the necessary bodybuilding proteins from plants. In fact, the plant nutrition program provides a lot of protein foods (soy protein, chickpea, etc.). The zinc? You'll get plenty of it from whole grains and lentils.

Vegan Muscle

Vegan "Complete Proteins" 

The basic amino acids containing proteins are important for our health and our muscles. You find them in Rice and kidney beans for instance. They give us the sensation of satiety, but above all they allow cell renewal. Wholegrain pasta supplies the required nutrient intake for sports. They are also rich in copper and iron, in addition to their high protein content. Soy is a natural source of proteins. The intake of oatmeal also helps to reconstitute a protein by mixing with other products.

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Building "Complete Proteins"

To prepare for a bodybuilding session, you must take care of your sports nutrition. Knowing how to build your diet allows you to develop muscle mass. To gain muscle, you just need to eat a balanced diet for better anabolism.

As an appetizer and snack, fresh vegetables are important and avoid congestion. An avocado salad can provide a lot of vegetable protein right from the start of a meal. It also provides healthy fatty acids that the body seeks. Whole grains with chia seeds could be included in the daily recipes. 

Vegan Supplements

To stay in good shape and ensure muscle gain, the diet must contain enough calories from fats, carbohydrates, and proteins. To avoid deficiencies, supplements may be helpful. For more effective muscle development, you can add BCAAs (Branched Chained Amino Acid) to your diet. By consuming these food supplements, the rate of protein synthesis increases. 


Like any bodybuilder, vegans need the discipline to progress. The effectiveness of training relies on consistent practices. With regular exercise, it is possible for a vegan to advance at the same pace as other athletes. The body also requires optimal recovery so that the fibers can repair themselves.


One of the Soccer figures, Neil Robinson, cuts meat from his diet. Trained as a defender at Everton, this footballer evolved in Swansea. Playing European Cup games, reaching up to the Premier League and his team’s diverse challenges, requires health, strength, and fitness. Vegetarian at first, Neil Robinson switched to vegan.

Among the 25 strongest men in the world was Rich Roll in 2009. Without eating animal protein, he participated in three-day races, ocean swimming and running. This is one of the tangible proofs justifying the compatibility of intensive training and the vegan diet.

Scott Jurek hikes the Appalachian Trail in 46 days. The ultra-marathoner is on the vegan lifestyle.

Thus, physical activities and gaining muscle is possible with a vegan diet. To improve the results, you can consume food supplements. The diet must remain healthy and complete with amines, carbohydrates, fats, omega 3 and especially proteins to develop muscles. Thanks to wholegrain pasta combined with a legume, a vegan sportsman can benefit from a protein-rich diet.

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