Can You Be Vegan And Still Eat Eggs?

Can You Be Vegan And Still Eat Eggs?

A quick reminder from one of our previous article: 

Vegan simply means avoiding:

However, a growing band of ‘veggans’ believes eating ‘cruelty-free’ eggs is justifiable because it fosters the 'ethical treatment' of hens. In this article, we will discuss the technical, and ethical aspects of this debate. 

Being Vegan Technically:

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If you see a vegetarian eating fish, you won't consider him/her a vegetarian. If you see a Vegan drinking cows milk, he/she is not a vegan. You've guessed it: Eating eggs technically brings you back, to being a vegetarian. Let's not even talk about the confusion that this situation will create...Or maybe we should :). Can you imagine being in situations where:

  • You'll be specifying being vegan with one 'G', or veggan with two 'Gs'?
  • Vegans not willing to eat any type of eggs, having to ask if it's vegan with or without eggs? 

Not to be dogmatic about it. But like we said, at this point, we're being strictly technical. And eating egg as a vegan from this point of view will just complicate things even more. 

Being Vegan Ethically: 

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Alright, you've rescued a hen, put it in your backyard, and take really good care of her. Then she lays eggs, without any chick in it, of course, so you go: well, there's no suffering in this process, so I can eat it. Is it morally ethical? Well, if your reason for being vegan is to only prevent any kind of suffering, then yes, this will sound ethical to you.
But but but, let's not forget the fact that being vegan it's not only about preventing suffering. It is also about stopping to consider animals as machines, therefore, considering that what comes out of them, is food for us. This links directly to the roots of the problem: Believing somehow that animals are here for us. 

Adding a G to Vegan because you eat eggs is not anodyne. It is to point out a difference (GG from eggs, yes we know). And if it's different to Vegan, then you know deep inside that you are no longer a Vegan in this case. No judgment here, but you might as well just call yourself a "cruelty-free or ethical vegetarian". Not to mention the health reason why it's even better to avoid consuming eggs:

Our final word? 

From our perspective, eating eggs is not ethically and technically Vegan. Besides, there's no benefit in doing so. Why? Firstly and most importantly: Because thinking that animals are here for us is the core belief that prevents non-vegans from stopping animal abuse. Secondly: Accepting to eat eggs, it's telling your body that it is ok to eat animal products. Thirdly: there's enough confusion out there :)

We hope you enjoyed this article. 

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