How do Vegans get Protein?

How do Vegans get Protein?

I. What proteins are and what they do

In most cells, proteins are the most abundant substance after water, which normally account for 10-20 percent of the cell mass. They are mainly divided into structural types and the functional types of proteins.

In the cell, structural proteins are present mainly in the form of long filaments, which are polymers of many different protein molecules. Extracellularly, fibrillary proteins are found in connective tissue collagen and elastin fibers, blood vessel walls, tendons, ligaments, etc.

Functional proteins are a completely different type of protein, usually made up of tubular-globular molecule combinations. 

In short, proteins are long chains of amino acids that form the basis of all life. They are like machines that make all living things, whether they are viruses, bacteria, butterflies, jellyfish, plants or human functions.

The body uses 20 amino acids for protein synthesis: 

II.How Much Protein do we need?

How much protein we need may vary because a person's daily intake depends on their calorie needs.

Although Nutritionists generally recommend daily consumption of about 63 grams for men and 52 for women, it is quite complex to determine the exact amount needed because different factors, such as level of activity, status (pregnancy for instance) should be considered.

Other variables are the proportion of amino acids available in particular protein foods and the digestibility of individual amino acids. It also remains unclear how protein metabolism plays a role in the need for protein intake.


III.Vegan Protein Sources

"The body doesn't care about where the protein comes from. Amino Acid is Amino Acid."  -Barny Du Plessis, Mr Universe 2014 & Vegan Bodybuilder.

Vegan Lifestyle

When people eat foods containing amino acids, they create or synthesize proteins for the body. If we don't consume some amino acids, we won't synthesize enough proteins to work our bodies properly.
Knowing that all foods contain some amino acids, the fact that Vegans can't get enough protein is an absolute myth. 

There are nine essential amino acids that are not synthesized in the human body. And the foods containing these essential acids are known as "complete proteins."

Even if you do not have all the essential amino acids for every meal, your body produces "complete proteins" from the amino acids of previous meals. In other words, if you sufficiently vary your diet, you will not experience a deficiency.
Although protein is the recommended nutrient, what we really need in the end is amino acid.


Protein tips

Here are some tips for a varied and healthy plant-based protein intake:

  • Protein-rich foods, choosing from soy, beans, tofu, nuts, seeds, legumes and so on.
  • Vegan Protein Powder
  • Check the composition of “vegan protein bars,” as they can have too much sugar.
  • Wholemeal, rather than white bread, and sugar-free peanut butter.

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