Is Veganism A Religion?

Is Veganism A Religion?

I. What Is A Religion

A Brief definition:

Religion is the collection of values, emotions, dogmas, and actions that describe human-sacred or divinity relationships. Specific elements of a faithful community define a given religion: dogmas, sacred books, rites, adoration, sacraments, moral prescriptions, interdictions, and organization. The majority of religions have grown from a revelation that is based on the exemplary history of a nation, a prophet or a wise person who taught a life ideal.

A religion with its three great characteristics can be defined with :

  1. Values and religious practices
  2. The religious feeling, i.e.
  3. Harmony of faith in a group of those who hold the same faith: the Church.  

The fear of the infinite force, of what no one can approach without precaution, from where a ritual of approach is required. This apprehension is at the heart of humility and religious faith. Later, Lucretius, Lactantius, and Tertullianus see their roots in "Religare" to refer to "the bond of piety binding to God."
The use of the word faith, originally used for Christianity, later spread to all ways of social expression in relation to the divine. 

Sacred consciousness and perception are constants of religions and constitute their core. The main constituents of the Sacred are:

  • The mystery of unknowable, of unexplainable, of transcendental.
  • The power of the religious objects or symbols and the interdicts that are associated with them.

Faith is inaccessible to reason in relation to fundamental and mystical concepts and claims to know the truth about "Who?" and "Why?" of things (nature, creation, the universe, etc.). It encompasses the entire being of believers against something which remains a mystery.

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II. Is Veganism A Religion

In a word: NO!

Unlike what our brand might sound like, we do NOT consider veganism as a religion. No, we do not consider vegans as superior beings either. We use the word "prophet" to highlight the compassion and fight for justice of our cause. And more importantly, it has nothing to do with what we've mentioned above :). 

It's like saying that antisexism, antiracism, anti-child-abuse, or anti to whatever injustice you're against, is a religion. 

The reason we are or go Vegan, is not a belief in a more superior being or entity. We are vegans because we want justice and compassion for all living beings. Unless justice and compassion are entities, then we're doomed! :D

People will certainly come up to us and say: "Well you do believe that animals suffer" or "You do believe that animals deserve the same treatment as human beings". The thing here is that, although we do believe in this, it's because we have material proof that animals are sentient beings, therefore do suffer and deserve the same treatment as mankind. Believing that a God will punish if we eat Pork, for instance, is a pure belief since we do not have any scientific evidence of that. We do not adhere to a sacred paradigm whatsoever. We just value life in all its forms. 


Those who are against veganism demonstrates a lot of imagination when it comes to belittling this movement. They don't even bother paying attention to the true meaning of the words they're using. However, there's no need to be offended if we are confronted with this comparison. Just a quick reminder of what religion truly is should be enough to end this debate :).

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