Is Veganism Just a Trend?

Is Veganism Just a Trend?

I. Veganism Is Not Just A Diet

Veganism's greatest misconception is "it's just a diet". When people refer to veganism as a phenomenon, being "just a diet" tends to be one of the underlying beliefs.

As vegans, we know that veganism is beyond being just a diet. And the reasons for becoming vegan are many, and can usually be characterized under ethical, environmental and health reasons. Because of this, in practice, we do not foresee veganism slowing down anytime soon. Sorry for the antis!

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Actually, there is clear evidence showing that veganism is growing. This does not mean that it's impossible for it to end, but it certainly means that there are more people realizing we can live a prosperous and healthy life without exploiting animals.


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When will it end? Not until we stop exploiting animals and slaughter them. In other words, it will end when veganism becomes the social norm and won't need to be labeled. 

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II. Veganism Is A Lot Older Than We Think

Secondly, being a vegan is not truly ‘trendy’ at all… The concept of a vegan diet is very old, dating back to ancient Vedic practices in India as well as popping up in places like Ancient Greece.

Veganism is about compassion and kindness extended to all living creatures.

Anyone who simply becomes a Vegan to be ‘trendy’ is NOT truly Vegan at all and will not last all that long.

Food-wise it is easier than ever to have a plant-based diet as a Vegan as there are more and more choices on the market these days.
This does, unfortunately, mean that it is far too easy to become fat as a Vegan because a great deal of these choices is not healthy - but that is typical of any food on the market these days!

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Anyone who doesn't do it for the right reasons and isn't committed will never really last very long. But anyone who cares more for others than themselves will. This is a lifestyle, not a simple phase.

To be compassionate is simply a way of life, not a temporary desire.

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