Why Vegans Should Be Activists On Their Personal Level

Vegan Activist Outfit

If you are Vegan, you are certainly familiar with being teased, or being asked the same stupid questions over and over again. 

Over time, if you are not part of an activists organization, you grow a thick skin and end up not really paying attention. You prefer not to speak anymore because you have realized that there is no point in talking since people are doing what they want in the end. That anyway, you too weren't vegan at one point, so you have to let it go.

Then one day, you're sitting face to face with a large piece of meat on your colleague's plate. So you understand that you may have gained your peace of mind, but that the animals you want to protect continue to pay the costs of ignorance. So perhaps it'll be worth it to try and educate them. Make them realize that what they are doing is not right.

But somehow, you lack the energy because it takes a lot of patience to cash the bad faith of those who indulge in animal abuse just for a matter of taste. A feeling of revolt is bubbling within you because unfortunately, getting upset is counterproductive.

The work of activists in the streets brings great visibility to the living conditions of so-called "farm animals". But the targeted people are only confronted with it occasionally. They will be moved by the time of the conversations or the videos, then as soon as finished, order their favorite Hamburger because it is too good and think they absolutely "need" it. Why? Because they will soon have forgotten a truth that is uncomfortable for them. Those who have not forgotten it will find refuge with unfounded arguments that relieve their conscience, and having no one around them to point out the inconsistencies. 

One of the solutions? (Of course, not THE solution), regularly confront them with their contradictions, their ignorance, and the consequences of all this. This is what I mean by being an activist on a personal level.

Rightly so, if you repeat the same thing every day, it will tire you, but it will tire those you talk to much faster. So we, amongst others, concluded that, seeds had to be sown as constantly and as widely as possible in people's minds for the trigger to take place. If the basic activism is the flame, we must at our level be the sparks that push even further the fight of those who take the blows and some risks. They expose their faces, their bodies, their identity... for a lesser effect than there could be because we do not take over on a daily basis.

You are now thinking that bringing your Vegan meal to work should be enough. We believe it to be a sincere sensation because we've felt it as well. Although it is an already big step, how many people become Vegan just because they've seen what they consider to be "a good big salad"? It is not their tastebuds that will make them change, but their brain and especially their heart. And for these two, you need visuals, emotion, and reflection. We need to be creative and efficient because it is a long-term job. This is the reason why I've opted for the transmission of deep and impactful messages in my designs, so that you can wear vegan messages that are consistent with defending animal rights and contribute to such a necessary social change.

If you've reached so far, I would like to thank you and really hope you enjoyed this article. 

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