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I. What Is Vegan Fashion

Vegan fashion is clothing and accessories made of cruelty-free fabrics. Keeping animals off your plate is definitely a great first step towards better animal living conditions, but vegan fashion also avoids made from or with animal products.
Leather, for instance, is obvious. But others may not be on your radar, such as:
  • fur
  • silk
  • feathers
  • bone
  • horn
  • shell
  • wool
  • cashmere
  • shearling
  • angora
  • shahtoosh
  • snakeskin
  • suede 
  • down
  • pashmina
  • mohair

Why vegan fashion? Because animals are feeling-sensitive creatures-much like humansThey're all allowed to live their lives openly. Besides, shopping for vegan clothing is quite easy. You just have to look for linen, organic cotton, hemp. Synthetics, like recycled polyester, are also animal-friendly alternatives to materials like leather, wool, and silk.

Who are vegan fashionistas?  Anyone who exclusively purchase cruelty-free apparel.
Celebrities who opted for vegan clothing are Joaquin Phoenix, Alicia Silverstone, Pamela Anderson, and Pink, just to name a few... And of course: YOU! You too are a vegan fashionista by conscientiously read the labels to buy wisely.

II. Vegan Fashion Popularity

With more people willing to reduce their impact on animal suffering, several brand names agreed to extend their collection with cruelty-free fabrics.
Popularity is still increasing for Vegan Fashion. Aligned with the vegan and popular shift in cultural values, vegan fashion is a true representation of the new generation of conscious thinkers wanting to do more to save the animals from fashion and beauty. 
Demand for animal-free clothing is on the rise, including vegan leather, vegan fur, and organic cotton being mass-produced and used by leading brands as alternatives to animal-based products. 
When it comes to such a cultural-change like the brand Tom Ford going Vegan and changing his product line,  we can definitely say that the rise of vegan fashion is increasing. 

III. Is Vegan Fashion Sustainable?

Yes and No. 

Water waste for instance

Vegan Fashion doesn't necessarily mean 'eco-friendly'.
The production of vegan fashion materials harms as much as traditional production methods. Even if the material has changed, the way this is developed and crafted may haven't.
PVC, for example, is vegan, but it impacts the environment and contributes to global warming: 43 percent of PVC comes from petroleum feedback.

Additionally, cotton production uses more than 2,700 liters of water just for one single shirt. That’s water for you to drink for two years!
The fashion industry alone causes 20 percent of the world’s water pollution.  Sad news is that Organic cotton, a more sustainable and environmentally friendly solution, is used by under 0.1 percent of cotton manufacturers.

Ethical Standards

It's a fact that using vegan leather reduces direct killing.

Major brands are taking note, and more of them are providing vegan-based fashion alternatives. Youg brands such as Stanley Stella (Our Provider) provide products that are vegan AND sustainable to the environment. 

There’s a vegan alternative for nearly every piece of clothing material, but how can we push it further?

Sustainable or ‘eco-friendly’ fashion! Unlike 'fast-fashion', sustainable fashion aspires to create a system where negative impacts on the environment are drastically reduced.

Opting for an Organic Vegan Fashion aligns perfectly with the environmentally-conscious consumer's ethical standards. Which are: 

  1. Fair salary and acceptable working conditions for employees, with fair prices for consumers.
  2. Focusing on better quality materials rather than quick money savings.
  3. An eco-friendly production cycle that doesn’t cause more impact on the environment.

With all the upheaval of a changing world, it is crucial that we know where we stand and the more educated we are, the more possible it is that we can work together to help end the abuse of both humans and non-humans while protecting our planet. 

We hope you enjoyed this article. :)

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